Marinduque Hot Spring Resort

I was able to meet my boyfriend’s grandmother for the first time. She is in her early nineties and kind of recognized by many people in Poblacion Buenavista where bf spent most of his childhood. Have I mentioned Marinduque is his province.

Early morning, I took a walk to the nearby seacoast for some fresh morning sea breeze and noticed the small fishing boats gathered in circle. The local beside me watching said they were “nag pupukot” doing “pukot” fishing. Catcha! A good morning start for everyone 🙂

Although unplanned, the side trip to Marinduque Hot Spring Resort formerly known as Susana Hot Spring had loosen me up a bit from yesterday’s travel. The resort is very affordable and with modest appearance. Entrance fee ranges from PHP 50.00 for day swimming to PHP 70.00 for night swimming and the cottage costs PHP 150.00 only.

Taking photos while wandering around is just something I enjoy doing. So, here are the photos.

I love seeing flowers. Do you?

I also took photos of the pathways that will take you to… different worlds. lols Just kidding! It will only take you to different parts of the resort.

Presuming I was able to see all the corners of the resort I counted four (4) hot spring pools. Just forgot to take a photo of the bigger pool.

For those who hate cold showers nothing to worry because they only have very hot showers and very hot showers. Yep! You have no other option. hahaha I am serious.

Will be sharing my hiking experience on my next post!

xoxo Chia!

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