How Olay fits our daily skin care routine

Olay - BDJ - ChiaChinR

“Wow a gift for me!”  I exclaimed. Filled with excitement, I ripped open the package and surprised to see what’s inside!  A body wash and day cream from Belle De Jour and Olay!

So how do I find the products they sent me?

Olay Deep Moisturizer Body Wash

The product that promises deep moisture that outlasts your day.

When I first used it, I immediately fell in love with its honey scent. Ohh, that womanly sweet scent while scrubbing it gently on my skin. It lasted for a while even after I got off the shower. I made my sister and my boyfriend smell my arms, they gave me a wide smile, and I knew it was a compliment. However, after days of using the body wash the scent was no longer flamboyant as it was when I first used it. It remained true to its core promise though. The body wash really made my skin moisturized all day. The skin on my legs and elbows tends to dry in cold dry places like whenever I am in the office, but since I used Olay deep moisture body wash the effect is very evident. Bye bye dry legs and elbows. For someone who do not apply lotion regularly (like me) it is a good bargain.

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream (SPF 15)

The product that promises to fight seven signs of aging.

My mom, 45 years old, a user of Olay products for as long as I can remember, I asked her to try the product. My dear mother naturally has a beautiful skin, but she is not getting younger and it can’t be denied. After two weeks of using Olay day cream my mom said her skin got firmer and the dark spots faded which I also noticed. She added that the product really moisturizes her skin. We can’t comment about the wrinkles and fine lines yet, but the bottom line Olay day cream is a good addition to my mom’s daily skincare routine.

Thank you Belle De Jour and Olay Philippines for making my mom and me try your wonderful products.

With love,

Olay Bella: Chia



Hi there! How was your weekend? Wishing you had fun too because I did. I went to Potipot Island in Zambales with some of my favorite travel buddies last Saturday and had a good camping experience. I will share more about it soon!

Before we continue with the weekly where to go and what to do summer suggestions, let’s have a short break and talk about summer “Skinspiration – skin inspiration”. Mine is very simple which I listed below. Would you mind telling me yours on the comment box?

Skinspiration - ChiaChinR

1. Lemon water and fruits

For a more effective skin regimen I deal with it from the inside. Surely you are aware that our skin is a reflection of what we put inside our body. Thus the saying you are what you eat. If we want to have a good and fresh skin I think eating fresh and natural is the best key. Also, do not forget to hydrate yourself often this hot season. Lemon water is known for all the good benefits it can give but my favorite is that it flushes out toxins inside our body. Here are more healthy recipes from Aloha that you may want to try.

2. Ice

Yes! Whenever possible I gently rub ice on my face after a morning bath and/or before going out just to close the pores.  I learned this from a TV show and I find it cooling (literally cooling) and effective. It closes your pores so the less chance the dirt will get inside and do some collateral damage.

3. Topical

I have a very sensitive skin that is why I only use products prescribed by my dermatologist. If you have the same dilemma I strongly suggest that you get a professional opinion. Why? Simply because it saves your time from trying out which product will work for you best and which will not, it spare your skin from the harmful chemicals that you would want to try, and saves you money (I don’t think you would want to spend on products that doesn’t work for your skin).

4. Oil blot paper and powder

Want to be shine free? Oil blotting paper and baby powder works for me best purely because they are mild and gentle. The oil blot sheet stashes the excess oil just like magic then conceal with powder for a fresher look. See! Quick and easy. Plus they are handy.

5. Sunblock / Sunscreen Lotion

A must have when going out for a summer vacation. I guess everybody knows why. I won’t dare exposing myself under the sun without applying a sun protection ever again. Coz, the last time I did I dried and burned. I prefer using a sunscreen with a higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor). (It works better)

6. Love your own skin

You are beautiful just the way you are. So be confident and love your own skin. Give your skin the care it deserves no doubt you’ll have a perfect summer glow.