20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Chia Chin R


1. Hello Kitty is not only my favorite character. I want to be her or to be her twin sister! Hello Kitty

2. Cynophobic.  oh Oh! no dogs

3. Daniel Radcliffe is my ultimate crush. Harry Potter

4. Vulnerable

5. Blue and Yellow are my favorite. ☁ 🌞

6. Frustrated singer. 🎤

7. Playful 🐻

8. I hate dull moments. I want everyone to be happy! ☺

9. I love sweets! 🍬 🍭

10. Cry baby. 💧

11. I love Math! (especially Algebra & formulas with the help of a calculator) 😉

12. I love extreme adventures.

13. Dreams to be a writer and a designer. ✏ 👗

14. Never a jealous girlfriend.

15. Camera conscious. 📷

16. I love colors. 🌈

17. I love cute kids.

18. I love everything that is cupcake. 🎂

19. I love surprises! And I also love movie spoilers! 🎉 🎁 🎥

20. Comfy for me is wearing shorts, shirts and crop tops.

13 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. Hello, Chia! This is Diana (from Instagram) ☺️ Your blog is so cute! I love what you write! I do hope we have another blogging event in Manila and that we can finally meet and collab soon! Cheers! ~ Diana


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