Things I want to do in 2016

Before I enumerate the things I look forward to do this coming 2016, I want to ask how was your Christmas? I hope you had a great time.

Three more nights before we welcome 2016 have you assessed how well you did this year? Don’t be too hard on yourself I know you did great enough so you deserve an ice cream treat. 🙂

I am pretty (Period. haha Just kidding.) excited for the coming new year. What’s new, I am always excited. 🙂 New year means new beginning for all of us. What could be the reason not to feel jumpy? I don’t see any. Challenges makes our life exciting so please don’t see it as a hindrance.

To carry over the bucket of F.U.N from 2015 I have list down the things I think I want to do come 2016.

  1. Color my hair purple
  2. Go surfing
  3. Join a drawing contest
  4. Send snail mails
  5. Arrange a pajama party with girlfriends
  6. Hike three mountains
  7. Record one song and upload it on Facebook
  8. Buy my first sewing machine
  9. Write a poem
  10. Curl my hair
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Enter a horror house
  13. Make five DIY post
  14. Visit five beach this year
  15. Arrange a surprise outing
  16. Buy a kid I don’t know an ice cream
  17. Write a short fiction
  18. Watch a movie alone
  19. Swim with the sharks
  20. Discover local food stops in Cavite
  21. Feed birds
  22. Make a dress for myself
  23. Help out others in need. Do a volunteer work
  24. Have a pet
  25. Enrol to a design school
  26. Visit an island I haven’t been to before
  27. Visit three museums
  28. Apply for a designing job
  29. Go to Cebu
  30. Make a cake for someone
  31. Visit salon for a pixie cut

That’s it! It’s quite a long CHALLENGING list for me.  Well you know what they say – “If it doesn’t scare you. It isn’t big enough”. I do hope to tick them off before 2016 ends.

How about you? Have you thought about the things you want to do in 2016? I bet you have, share it with us! 🙂

From the bottom of my heart I wish you another happy, healthy, exciting and prosperous NEW YEAR!



#Bloggys 2015 Gala Night is happening on November 21, 2015

Four more nights before the most awaited gala night of Filipino bloggers and I am pretty excited because my blog has made it in the guest list!

Bloggys 2015: Gala Night

Would you like to be part of this event? Reserve your tickets now!

Buying Christmas Gifts Online

Few more days before the most awaited feast are you done with your Christmas shopping.

If you really can’t find time to go to the malls because of your very hectic schedule well do not worry too much coz on this post I’ve got you covered. (Wink!)

You must have heard of online shopping, right? It’s 2015 so don’t tell me you have no idea. Though I would understand if you’ll say you haven’t tried it, yet. But do you know that when you buy online you can save a lot? There are online shops that offer great discounts and free shipping too (for a minimum purchase though). Like free shipping for a minimum purchase of PHP 1,000. Not bad isn’t it? Shop all you want by just clicking.

To shoo those doubts away here’s a short list of online shops I trust. (No BS!)

  1. Zalora – A one stop online destination for everything fashion.

Mind if I tell you that ZALORA’s collection of Valentino watches is absolutely gorgeous. They look like luxury watches but cost much less!

2. – The online store of the brand Tomato.

If you are looking for affordable and bold fashion statements this is the site to go.

3. – It’s not just an online shop where you can buy planners and journals but also a community.

I have been using their planner (Belle De Jour) for two years now and it is really a chic deal. You don’t only get a planner filled with discount coupons, you also become part of a community of empowered women. You become a Bella. (Dancing)

4. Lazada – An online shopping site that offers various products across categories.

Check out their site because I read there would be special items that will be available at PHP 11 only until 11/11. Plus PHP 99 deals that will be revealed on 11/11.

5. Renzie Benzie’s Special Sylvannas – Looking for something sweet for your office gift giving?

The pastries from this online shop will make your gifting partner show his/her sweet smile.

Hoorah! I hope this post helps you a bit to beat the Christmas rush. 🙂