MOP Part 2: Couplerific played inside Yexel’s Museum

As promised here’s the part two of our “Best date ever, yet.” story. I just feel so lucky to have a partner who also loves to try new things, and discover fun & exciting places. Isn’t it lovely when you are both on the same page?

I have been to some museums here in the country, but it was my first time to visit a toy museum. First times are always fun, and we are all after the fun, right?

So what’s inside Yexel’s Toy Museum? Well, nothing extraordinary just some LIFE size toys that will bring back the playful heart inside you. (Wink)

Who is Yexel by the way? Yexel Sebastian is very well-known for his extensive collection of about more than 10,000 toys. (How cool is that? Very cool.) He started his collection at age of 7 by collecting small toys from fast food outlets. (Okay kids start safe keeping all your toys. LOLs)

Upon entering I was welcomed by Alger and his army (Minions).


Be careful with these cute, but not so little things because they…. bite. (Argghh!)

Next was the upside down corner.

You know I always wish that I can do this stunt whenever I feel blue. Glad I had the chance. HAHA


Uhhmm boss, what are you doing? You have to go back to work!


I thought you sideline as Batman. I never knew you have Spidey skills too!


Pop-up question for ladies: If you would have a chance to go on a date with a superhero who would you choose and why?

Candidate number 1: Spider man who could climb up to your window for a good night kiss.

Candidate number 2: The super handsome Superman. All eyes on you if he would be your date.


Candidate number 3: The Dark Night -Batman. (Batman not on duty on the left is mine, sorry. HAHA)


That was a hard question, right? I’d rather choose these cute ones, at least I will have three dates. Hahaha



Look who’s a fan of Game of Thrones.


Oh my shoe! I have been looking for this all over our house. Yexel, why did you hide it inside a glass box?!


I am not really a fan of the movie Star Wars, and I can’t remember if I was able to watch one, but I guess he is a bad guy?


And he is the boss?



Shout out to Iron Man fans!


And this is my favorite. I so love this animated film “Up”. The idea of getting old with someone you love and how would life be if he/she uhhmm.. dies and you are the one left behind. 😦 That’s kind of sad, but this film and toy museum made me realize that I can never be too old for new adventures and toys.


Have you been to Yexel’s Museum? What was your favorite?


For us, every single day we spend together is special.

Keep loving,



2nd floor, Manila Ocean Park Complex
Pasay Boulevard Manila

Couplerific goes to Manila Ocean Park (Part 1)

Holla everyone! I know by this time you have started searching, planning or booking your trips for summer season. Pretty sure everyone is excited for their most awaited vacation! Tell me who is not? (Killjoy)

This January we just celebrated our Nth anniversary as bf-gf at the Manila Ocean Park. We spent at least 9 hours gallivanting around this amazing park. The package we availed includes 10 attractions for only Php 799 through an online deal. Yey! Happy anniversary to us! #Couplerific


Days before our visit I made our itinerary because I know we could enjoy just one attraction so much. I don’t want us to end up not able to see all 10. I suggest you do the same (make your itinerary) so you can track if you are running out or still have more time to spend in one attraction. That way it would be easier for you to make adjustments when needed. First rule when travelling – Plan Ahead.

First on our list was the Oceanarium and Jellies Exhibit. By the way, it was Alger’s first time to enter this park while it’s my third. So I am excited for him.


Even so, I was still astounded to see those beautiful underwater creatures up close. Although I can sense their sadness because for all we know they really don’t belong inside those tanks.


This is nautilus (not the character from the League of Legends online game), I am talking about the mollusk living in deep water. Considered by many to be a living fossil, a distant cousin to squids, octopus, and cuttlefish; it can use jet propulsion to attain speed of over two knots. Is that fast enough for species underwater?


There are fish that have honorable names too! Like this yellow-striped cardinalfish. I wonder if they have archbishop too. (JK)


Hand salute to Sergeant Major! They have five black bars resembling the insignia of a Sergeant Major in the military services. According to written facts male sergeant majors guard the eggs during the four days incubation period prior to hatching.


Seahorses are considered fish guys. Not a swimming horse. HEHE They are said to be monogamous (which is rare to humans nowadays, Ooops! I meant to say unlike other fish) and they mate for life.


And these two are my favorite. When I held my camera they both swam near me and posed. Lionfish is venomous and its sting is extremely painful to humans, but rarely fatal. Ouch!


In my observation, Oceanarium stayed the same since my first and second visit aside for this “magic tank” where you can insert your hand and let the doctor fish suck & nibble your skin.


In case you want to know how it feels. It doesn’t hurt, its ticklish. His big smile is my proof to that.


Be enchanted by these dancing fairies inside the jellies exhibit. We learned that jellyfish do not have brains, heart and blood so it’s amazing that they have existed here on Earth for million years.

[Note to future visitors: Please do not use camera flash when taking photos of these lovely creatures it is the least you can do for them. They are unfortunate enough to be put inside tanks for human pleasure so let’s take good care of them.]

Next attraction was the Trails to Antarctica and Snow village. This is new to me, we were both excited to see penguins-for real, the Humboldt penguins! These flightless birds are just so adorable.


For your #ootd I suggest you wear a crop top inside the Snow Village. It’s definitely the most brilliant idea! LOLs! Nahh, I am  just being sarcastic.


It was so cold but we enjoyed the weather inside so much.

We watched all the animal shows too. The Penguin Talk Show (This is virtual. Penguins do not speak human language.), Amazing Bird Show, and Sea Lion Show.  We had so much fun watching the smart animals perform.MOP16

We had the chance to touch the sting rays,


and the sharks too!


The truth is, we did not though I wanted to.

Then, we went inside the sanctuary of one of the most mighty birds in the country, the Brahminy Kites (Lawin)!


After we indulged ourselves with alluring animals we visited Yexel’s Museum too. Will talk about it on my next post. 🙂


We ended MOP adventure watching the magical symphony evening show. Manila Ocean Park is indeed a great place for everyone, may it be an educational trip for kids, a recreational place for family and peers, or a dating place for couples like us.

It was our best date ever, yet.


When I almost thought a good day was over he gave me a bouquet of flowers! (Syempre kilig much si girl. HAHA)


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National Museum

Last October 2015, the National Museum opened its doors for free to everyone and we made sure to be one of the visitors despite our busyNESS.


It’s nice to visit museums once in awhile. I find that museums would always educate, inspire and give an awesome hope/spirit that you wouldn’t get inside shopping malls. Do you agree?

“Spoliarium” By: Juan Luna

The Spoliarium by Juan Luna welcomed us with greatness. This awesome painting did not just opened my eyes but my heart (and internal organs) too.


When this geometric pattern caught my attention, I promised Alger that I’ll make a design inspired by it.


I would bet that this is the painting my sissy liked most because she borrowed my camera so she could snap a photo of it. When she only usually borrows my camera to take her selfie.


And most of the time sometimes she would just ask me to be her photographer too! So I would really bet that the painting have somewhat connected to her.

These are the other paintings and artworks that I fancied:

“Dreamers’ Zone III” / “Dreamers’ Zone II” By: Impy Pilapil
“Panaginip” By: Roy Veneracion
“Princess Urduja” By: Dave Aquino
“Presentation” By: Charito Bitanga
“Give and Let Live” By: Edgar Talusan Fernandez
Untitled (Abstract) By: Nena Saguil
“Pagkain” By: Vicente Silva Manansala
“How does Malang paint?” Mauro Malang Santos
“Lualhati” By: Guillermo E. Tolentino

What can you say about the art pieces? Do you like them too?

If you are following me on Instagram you probably have seen me posted some of these.

And yes you can conclude that I am attracted to colorful artworks. I don’t know what Psychology tells about people that are attracted to colorful pieces. What I know is that color affects our mood, emotion, and feelings; and not all colors mean the same to everyone.

When I was searching for a psychological explanation as to why I am attracted to colorful pieces I came across this article: Color Therapy: You Attract what you Need. It tells what a color could mean to someone. I find it interesting and at the same time intriguing  coz I think it is partly true for me.

What is the one color you like the most and the one you have an aversion to? I love blue and yellow. The color I least like is red (I based it on the garments I have in my closet and I don’t have much reds.).


Moving on from the colors, do we have any driving rules for driving with a stuff toy or should I say a driving stuff toy? LOLs

Talk to you soon!