1920s Style

Have you ever heard of the flapper look or Gatsby style? Well this was the fashion trend back in 1920s where women’s style literally loosened up (unfitted dresses).

From skirts that rose above the ankle (1910), in 1920 the skirts got shorter (knee-length) and corsets came off, drop waist became popular, necklines were usually a “V” shape, fabrics were made from chiffon, light silks, soft velvet, and soft cotton.

I guess we have to be thankful to this era for it started simplicity in a very stylish way.

For a casual look ladies back then would wear something like this:

Model: Charlene

If I were to interpret this era I would style something like this:

Model: Charies


Styled by yours truly

Fight your Inertia and do your New Year’s Solutions

Happy 2015 everyone! Another year to conquer and enjoy are you ready? I know it sounds cliché when someone asked you “What is/are your new year’s resolution/s?” But if you want to share it with me on the comment box below I’d be happy to hear.  We often assess ourselves every end of the year don’t we? and promises to change this and that for the better. Then little by little we become someone who wanted to be a better version of “ME”. That is the good thing when doing “new year’s resolution/s” but, when promises becomes a “broken vow” that is the negative part.

So this year, instead of jotting down my new year’s resolutions I started doing my new year’s solutions!Read More »

Pair it with Invaluable

When dressing up, most of the time I keep it simple but chic! And when accesorizing I keep it to a minimum. Also, I am a believer of the saying “simplicity is beauty”.

I discovered an online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques and jewels called Invaluable (formerly artfact). They showcase lots of beautiful jewelries. What I will share below is a mood board inspired by their simple statement rings. They say rings are the universal symbol of elegance, commitment and love.

crop top + flouncy skirt; floral low back tee + mesh skirt
crop top + flouncy skirt; floral low back tee + mesh skirt

The above casual outfits looked good when matched with the beautiful rings: ruby jewelry ring 10k yellow gold and ruby  & diamond jewelry ring 10K white gold.

Don’t you think?

♥♥ Chia