MOP Part 2: Couplerific played inside Yexel’s Museum

As promised here’s the part two of our “Best date ever, yet.” story. I just feel so lucky to have a partner who also loves to try new things, and discover fun & exciting places. Isn’t it lovely when you are both on the same page?

I have been to some museums here in the country, but it was my first time to visit a toy museum. First times are always fun, and we are all after the fun, right?

So what’s inside Yexel’s Toy Museum? Well, nothing extraordinary just some LIFE size toys that will bring back the playful heart inside you. (Wink)

Who is Yexel by the way? Yexel Sebastian is very well-known for his extensive collection of about more than 10,000 toys. (How cool is that? Very cool.) He started his collection at age of 7 by collecting small toys from fast food outlets. (Okay kids start safe keeping all your toys. LOLs)

Upon entering I was welcomed by Alger and his army (Minions).


Be careful with these cute, but not so little things because they…. bite. (Argghh!)

Next was the upside down corner.

You know I always wish that I can do this stunt whenever I feel blue. Glad I had the chance. HAHA


Uhhmm boss, what are you doing? You have to go back to work!


I thought you sideline as Batman. I never knew you have Spidey skills too!


Pop-up question for ladies: If you would have a chance to go on a date with a superhero who would you choose and why?

Candidate number 1: Spider man who could climb up to your window for a good night kiss.

Candidate number 2: The super handsome Superman. All eyes on you if he would be your date.


Candidate number 3: The Dark Night -Batman. (Batman not on duty on the left is mine, sorry. HAHA)


That was a hard question, right? I’d rather choose these cute ones, at least I will have three dates. Hahaha



Look who’s a fan of Game of Thrones.


Oh my shoe! I have been looking for this all over our house. Yexel, why did you hide it inside a glass box?!


I am not really a fan of the movie Star Wars, and I can’t remember if I was able to watch one, but I guess he is a bad guy?


And he is the boss?



Shout out to Iron Man fans!


And this is my favorite. I so love this animated film “Up”. The idea of getting old with someone you love and how would life be if he/she uhhmm.. dies and you are the one left behind. 😦 That’s kind of sad, but this film and toy museum made me realize that I can never be too old for new adventures and toys.


Have you been to Yexel’s Museum? What was your favorite?


For us, every single day we spend together is special.

Keep loving,



2nd floor, Manila Ocean Park Complex
Pasay Boulevard Manila

10 thoughts on “MOP Part 2: Couplerific played inside Yexel’s Museum

  1. Wow how fun is that museum! My kids would love that (although they are 11 and 17), it’ll still be a fun place for every age! I love all the photos you took. And you’re right having a partner who likes to do the same thing as you is very important.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your boys would love the toy museum. Maybe you can try visiting the main branch in Las Pinas City. I heard it is more bigger and Yexel’s personal collections can be found there.


  2. Awww this post makes my heart warm inside! You two are the absolute cutest and that UP toy is the coolest thing ever! I wonder how they made the balloons? It must’ve taken soooo long to make. I definitely need to re-watch that movie soon! Okay, now I’m just rambling – thanks for sharing your day with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Rosy. I think the balloons are made of plastic shaped like small eggs glued together for a bulky look reaching the roof of the cabinet so it would look like the house is flying. 🙂 You know that’s a good idea. Am gonna watch it again too!Hahaha Have a good day!


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