National Museum

Last October 2015, the National Museum opened its doors for free to everyone and we made sure to be one of the visitors despite our busyNESS.


It’s nice to visit museums once in awhile. I find that museums would always educate, inspire and give an awesome hope/spirit that you wouldn’t get inside shopping malls. Do you agree?

“Spoliarium” By: Juan Luna

The Spoliarium by Juan Luna welcomed us with greatness. This awesome painting did not just opened my eyes but my heart (and internal organs) too.


When this geometric pattern caught my attention, I promised Alger that I’ll make a design inspired by it.


I would bet that this is the painting my sissy liked most because she borrowed my camera so she could snap a photo of it. When she only usually borrows my camera to take her selfie.


And most of the time sometimes she would just ask me to be her photographer too! So I would really bet that the painting have somewhat connected to her.

These are the other paintings and artworks that I fancied:

“Dreamers’ Zone III” / “Dreamers’ Zone II” By: Impy Pilapil
“Panaginip” By: Roy Veneracion
“Princess Urduja” By: Dave Aquino
“Presentation” By: Charito Bitanga
“Give and Let Live” By: Edgar Talusan Fernandez
Untitled (Abstract) By: Nena Saguil
“Pagkain” By: Vicente Silva Manansala
“How does Malang paint?” Mauro Malang Santos
“Lualhati” By: Guillermo E. Tolentino

What can you say about the art pieces? Do you like them too?

If you are following me on Instagram you probably have seen me posted some of these.

And yes you can conclude that I am attracted to colorful artworks. I don’t know what Psychology tells about people that are attracted to colorful pieces. What I know is that color affects our mood, emotion, and feelings; and not all colors mean the same to everyone.

When I was searching for a psychological explanation as to why I am attracted to colorful pieces I came across this article: Color Therapy: You Attract what you Need. It tells what a color could mean to someone. I find it interesting and at the same time intriguing  coz I think it is partly true for me.

What is the one color you like the most and the one you have an aversion to? I love blue and yellow. The color I least like is red (I based it on the garments I have in my closet and I don’t have much reds.).


Moving on from the colors, do we have any driving rules for driving with a stuff toy or should I say a driving stuff toy? LOLs

Talk to you soon!



13 thoughts on “National Museum

  1. How lovely! I have been planning to visit the museum for quite a while now. I’d like to invite my friends but they’re just too busy so I don’t want to bother them. I know I can just go there alone but I’m just so scared to go alone on a place that I don’t know. Well, I wish that one of these I can visit the museum. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel that way at times too! Although I tend to challenge myself to do things alone but that’s very rare. Hehehe Make time Gerry I am sure you’d find a piece/pieces you’ll love. I think Museum is one place where I can go alone. No one would dare think I am a “loner” or whatever. 😊


  2. I agree, Chia. Visiting a museum could be a great monotony breaker especially for travelers like you and me. The art gallery seem to be the most intriguing for me. The items are usually evoking something unexplainable. They make my brain cells working. The good thing about them, particularly the abstract ones, is that they are open to subjective interpretations.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Art has never been a humdrum and it educe emotions. It allows you to gallivant through time, meet people from different times. I think it’s the closest thing we have to time machine. (Am I being slushy now? Sorry.)


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