Change is coming

When my best friend urged me to have a daring haircut I felt so excited that I said yes right away. I searched the internet for a nice peg and planned to have it done ASAP. The realization that it might be a crazy idea just came as an afterthought.

Too giddy I was, I shared the idea to some ladies whom I spent time with lately. I was actually secretly wishing for disapproval. To my surprise I saw excitement in their eyes and words of encouragement. My excitement just doubled.

Came Monday me and my best friend went to Hairshaft Salon at Glorietta 3 where we had our hair done. And we were both happy with the result. Plus, I received compliments from friends and colleagues.


Orbel Balmaceda – Artistic Director


Hair means a lot for us ladies that is why some cuts it when they have their hearts broken. As if it is a symbol that changes its color or form depending on our mood. It could also be like a memory stick that gets long or short depending on the memories we want to keep. Our hair is our crowning glory.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

**Because this is the most daring hair cut I did so far, I could now cross out pixie cut on my 2016 to do list.**


Hairshaft Salon
3rd Floor, Glorietta 3

1920s Style

Have you ever heard of the flapper look or Gatsby style? Well this was the fashion trend back in 1920s where women’s style literally loosened up (unfitted dresses).

From skirts that rose above the ankle (1910), in 1920 the skirts got shorter (knee-length) and corsets came off, drop waist became popular, necklines were usually a “V” shape, fabrics were made from chiffon, light silks, soft velvet, and soft cotton.

I guess we have to be thankful to this era for it started simplicity in a very stylish way.

For a casual look ladies back then would wear something like this:

Model: Charlene

If I were to interpret this era I would style something like this:

Model: Charies


Styled by yours truly

The Aspiring Stylist

I know it’s too late for the current season but I don’t care. I can’t wait for summer 2016 to share this. LOLs!

It was summer when they invited me to join an open shoot and nope I wasn’t one of the models or one of the photographers. My job was to do hair, make-up and wardrobe styling! It was my first time (I mean doing it somewhat official) and boy I was so excited. (Giddy)

Here see my works! 🙂

Formal/Business Look

When we hear the word formal, black and white are the first colors we have in mind. Pair it with checkered for a little POP!

Casual Wear

Give your plain colored tank top a chance by just wrapping a scarf.

Party Look

Love partying like a wild cat? Try hitting the club with a leopard print top, leggings and boots next time. HAHA!


XoXo – Chia!


Model: Ai Zel Acson
Formal: Photo by Eugene Fernandez / Edited by: Chia
Casual: Photo and Edited by: Von Lacsina
Party: Photo and Edited by: Von Lacsina