Masungi Georeserve A Test of Friendship

May it rain or shine, through highs or lows, for laughter or for tears, it’s a blessing to have people you can call true friends. People who will accompany you as you visit your dream places, and will help you achieve your epic photos.

Real people, different personalities, with real problems and different dreams. People who chose to smile, laugh, and be happy. They bonded together, hiked a mountain, and shared an unforgettable experience.Read More »


Inflatable Island PH

There are no random encounters in our lives just as there are no random meetings. The experiences will shape you ever so slightly until you reach the page where prosperity is written. And it’s comforting to know that everything happens according to Heaven’s plans. That hard times only requires a diversion.

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I live the moment in Boracay

To be present in the moment is a challenge, no doubt. The urge to take photos of every corner and capture every seconds of the moment so to please the taste of the digital society. That urge I went against to live in the moment on the short vacation that my friends and I had in Boracay. Always seeking new adventures and experiences the excitement was immeasurable. It was our first time to travel by plane together (The BF and I).  Read More »