First hike: Mt. Malindig

The next morning we started our day early. Packed some light snacks and bottles of water, first aid kit, towels and extra shirts; looked for a local tour guide and we were ready to conquer Mt. Malindig of Buenavista, Marinduque.

Fact Time: Mount Malindig also known as Mt. Malindik and Mt. Marlangga is a potentially active stratovolcano.

As far as I can correctly remember this is my first hiking experience.

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

Can I tell you a secret? I am kind of a weakling in a way that I usually stumble. shhhh! So, when I told my parents that I am going mountain hiking they were like “Oh no! Please do not. You might tumble, get hurt, etc.” But I didn’t mind. In fact, I felt challenged to prove that I can do things that they thought I cannot just because I don’t look strong enough.  This applies to all little ladies like me. Don’t let people stop you from achieving things they think you can’t do

We started at this portion of Brgy. Sihi, Buenavista. Note: If you want to hike to Mt.Malindig you better go first to the barangay hall of Sihi in the municipality of Buenavista, Marinduque. You have to register, acquire a permit and a local tour guide.

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

When we began, the soil was damp. Just enough for my shoes to get a good grip of the ground. Thus, whenever I make a step I find it easy to walk through the steep trails. No slip No sweat HAHA

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

On our way up we came across a dog oh-o!, some goats, horses,cows, and carabaos resting and grazing for food.

If you look at the photos the trails are easy to moderate. I must admit it wasn’t easy but It wasn’t hard at all. Maybe because… Well, as you can see the obvious I am lightweight. Hence, it was easy for me to carry myself up. I’ll tell you another secret. My bf had a hard time carrying himself up. He was like I can’t do this, I feel dizzy, I can’t reach the top you can go ahead just leave me behind. hahaha Of course I can’t leave him behind and I know he can do it. He just need a bag of motivation. For first timers like me I hope you learned a lesson. It is important to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Although the gradual trails are grown with coconut trees, there are only few trees where you can cover and rest.

Here’s the beautiful view when we reached the 1/4th part of the mountain.

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

Along the way my attention was caught by these wild flowers. I know these are ordinary flowers but seeing them on our way up made me appreciate their simple beauty. Our tour guide said we can see orchids at the top and strawberries too.

He (tour guide) was right about the strawberries! But we haven’t reach top yet. The temperature from this portion is slightly colder. Our tour guide also shared that the locals grows marijuana here before but not any more.  We’ve seen abaca trees too.

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

When we were finally halfway there we rested for 30 mins. and took the opportunity to capture the magnificent view of the lowlands and neighbouring hills. It is like a pasture where no trees for us to cover. So, if the sun is already high can you just imagine the extreme heat that we have to endure. Fortunately, we started early and it was cloudy.

At this point, I was thinking if the scenery from here is rewarding what more if we reach the summit.

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

From the military outpost it seems like we are only 1/4 away from the summit but too bad we cannot hike further to the top because it is already restricted by authorities. huhuhu I guess I just have to be contented with this photo or maybe it’s a good excuse to return. haha

First Hike - Mt. Malindig - ChiaChinR

We rested for a while like for 2 hours.

I would like to say Mt. Malindig is simply beautiful and rich in its own way. You have to experience it.

When we decided to go back the sun was high whilst the land was dry and loose. To be honest, going down was more challenging for me. I was gingerly, fearing I might loose my footing.

To sum up the time we consumed, ascending only took us two hours (including the rest periods) while an hour to return to where we started.

After the uber tiring and fun experience oh boy you can’t blame us for feeling famished. Without further delay we head straight to Curba Grill and Restaurant to load up. I will talk about it on my next post.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I pray that I have inspired you in some way.

Happy Earth Day!

Chia ♥

5 thoughts on “First hike: Mt. Malindig

  1. I remember the first time I climbed a mountain, foothills palang and I was ready to give up. But there’s nothing like seeing the view from the top, right?

    You make me want to climb this particular trail…especially if there’s a promise of strawberries on top!


    • I know. Nothing beats a beautiful view. It’s worth a try. Go go go! Lucky we’ve seem some strawberries even though we weren’t able to summit.


    • Hi Marj, I assume you were asking for my itinerary when I was in Marinduque.

      Day 1 – Marinduque Hot Spring Resort Buenavista
      Day 2 – Mt. Malindig Sihi Buenavista and Curba Grill
      Day 3 – Boac: Kusina sa Plaza, Museum, Marinduque Expo and Boac Cathedral
      Last day – Poctoy White Beach Resort Torrijos

      -Chia! 🙂


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