Discovering Marinduque

Hi! How was your holy week? Mine I spent discovering the geographical heart of the Philippines, Marinduque.

From Manila we travelled to Dalahican Port in Lucena for almost four hours. Then, rode a Roll-On-Roll-Off ferry (RORO) to Balanacan Port of Marinduque which took us more than three hours. It was quite a long travel but its part of the experience, right? I did a lot of sleeping anyway (lol) since I woke up two in the morning and we left at four am.

By the way I only have four major objectives in my first visit to Marinduque. First is to meet my boyfriend’s grandmother, second is to hike Mt. Malindig, to experience the Moriones Festival, and of course to beat the heat at the beach.

Whilst I am saving the exciting stories for my next posts, here are the photos I took from the vessel.

While waiting for the ferry to leave I heard voices shouting “hagis” or throw and noticed that the passengers were tossing out coins to the water. Then, these locals dove off the small boat to get the coins. Something new for me to witness. Why they are doing it? Well, I guess it is their way to make a living.

Discovering Marinduque-ChiaChinR

All aboard and now leaving the port! Bye-bye  Lucena port!

Here we are approaching Marinduque.

Discovering Marinduque-ChiaChinR

Virgin islands are the best. Do you agree?

Discovering Marinduque-ChiaChinR

The Balanacan Shrine and view deck. This big statue of Ina ng Biglang Awa welcomed us as we approach the Balanacan Port.

Discovering Marinduque-ChiaChinR
Taken from the “Bay Walk” of Buenavista, Marinduque

The beautiful sunset reminded me that I had a good travel day! Good night Mr. Sun




Tomorrow will be holiday again in the PH and its going to be another long weekend for me! YEY! I will be travelling to Pangasinan on Friday for another summer adventure. See you there! Weeee… I wish you will have a good weekend too!

Appreciate your comments

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