DIY: Dangling Earrings

It’s time for another DIY project!

Sleigh bells ring, are you Listening? In the lane, snow is glistening…

I’ve been hearing Christmas carols since day one of Ber months and some people started putting up their Christmas lights and decors too. But somehow Christmas feels incomplete without some gifts, right? To help you in that area, here’s a gift idea that you can DIY with ease.





Tadaaah! And just like that, you can now make dangle earrings for each member of your squad.



Happy DIY-ing!

XO: Chia!


Sunday Gift: Go for it Wallpaper

Note to self:

There will always be a time that you’ll doubt yourself. Questions such as am I good enough, worthy of this thing, or is this really for me will hunt you until dawn. But no matter what happen just continue walking. You may not be able to run because of despair but don’t you ever stop. You’ve come this far, remember that.

Desktop Wallpaper


For high resolution click here!

DIY: Welcome banner

Here’s a tutorial on how I did the cute welcome banner for my little chap, Yuuki (puppy).


  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue / Tape
  • Yarn / Thread
  • Cute papers
  • Cute cupcake liners
  • Colored markers of pens

How to:

  1. Cut the papers to triangles.Triangles
  2. Make pom poms using cupcake liners (Optional)DIY-Pom-poms
  3. Make letters using the bottom of the cupcake liners
  4. Glue and/or tape the triangles and letters to the yarn/thread
  5. Stick to the wall


Happy crafting!

Sunday Gift: Sunset wallpaper

Another beautiful week had just ended. To wrap it up here’s another customized wallpaper for your techs! 😀

Phone wallpaper

Get high resolution here!


Desktop wallpaper

Get high resolution here!


Have a productive week ahead.

Thank you for dropping by!

XO, Chia

It is a Leche Flan, promise.

Hi there! Today I am going to share the sweet little project I did one Saturday afternoon. It was an ordinary Saturday. I went to work as usual then an idea popped in “Why not make a leche flan for my mom?” so I asked my colleagues and they all enthused me how to make one.

Ergo I asked my mom if we have these ingredients and bought some items needed at the grocery on my way home. (I have no problem buying grocery items I find it a lot easier than shopping for my clothes/shoes.)

  1. 10 eggs
  2. 1 can condensed milk
  3. 1 can fresh/evaporated milk
  4. Brown sugar
  5. Flan mold (Llanera)

Here comes the exciting part. Before I go further please know that I ace in my math subjects and art classes but cooking is not my strong suit. I really did try my best here, put my heart in this project, and was not in a bad mood when I did this. 🙂

Step 1. I just needed the egg yolk so I separated it from the white. Placed it in a mixing bowl then beat it.

Step 2. I poured the condensed milk into the bowl of beaten egg yolk, mixed it, added the fresh/evaporated milk, and mixed it again.

Leche Flan_ChiaChinR

Step 3. I heated the pan to melt the brown sugar until it became caramelized.

Step 4. Next, I poured the caramelized sugar into the flan mold. Spread it evenly. Waited for a couple of minutes then poured the yolk and milk mixture into the flan mold. I covered it with aluminum foil. Then placed it on a steamer for 30 minutes to an hour. Using a toothpick I checked if the leche flan was already cooked.

Leche Flan_ChiaChinR

Leche Flan_ChiaChinR

Step 5. After steaming I placed it inside the refrigerator. (Yes, I was very excited I forgot to wait for awhile before refrigerating it. *head scratch*)

I was able to make 10 leche flan so I shared one to my Aunt and one to my boyfie.

DISCLAIMER: It may not look appetizing but it really taste like a leche flan. I made it especially sweet thus my mom and sibs loved it. I would swear they said it’s masarap/tasty.














Leche Flan_ChiaChinR

I KNOW!!!! I know… You can laugh as hard as you want. Even myself find it laughable too. HAHAHAHA

My boyfriend’s reaction when he saw this hurt me enough. He doesn’t even want to taste it. I made him close his eyes and gave him a spoonful of leche flan. (Poor guy, he doesn’t have a choice. LOLs)

I hope this post brought fun to your day.

Bye for now! *Flying kiss*

XOXO – Chia