Happy hearts day

There’s a misconception that valentine’s day is only for couples which I find odd.

It’s kind of sad to hear single people say: “Valentine’s day is just a normal day.”

For me, valentine’s day is for people who have a heart, someone who knows how to give love, and wants to receive love. That having a family or friends is enough reason to celebrate this day with perfect smiyes (Smiling with your eyes. A tip from Tyra Banks).

C’mon girl! Get up, feel pretty, and dress-up. I assume you love yourself too so you have all the rights to celebrate this hearts day too!

This is a perfect day for your another #OOTD too!

VDAY2015 1
BTW. This photo won Miss Photogenic. Thanks to our friend, the awesome photographer!

Vday2015 2

Vday2015 3

As I write this post, my family is preparing for a little heart’s day celebration. It’s also family day, remember?

Happy heart’s day!

With love,


Photos taken by: Paul Nick Amora



It’s my day!

Making surprises? (Ehem) Modesty aside I am really good at it and I am one of the best spoilers too (so you’d better make me your ally). Which only means I am one of those people you can’t hardly give a surprise. And I think last night was an easy one coz I was caught off-guard. I didn’t expect they would surprise me before my birthday. Ohh well, that’s the point surprises are meant to be unexpected. Still, my sister complained she had a hard time pulling it off and promised not to do it again. Hahaha

Moving on here’s me on my very first “official” photo shoot.





Surprises are the best! Kudos to my very loving family.

Happy birthday to everyone whose celebrating their birthday today too!


I Love Blue, But It Doesn’t Mean I Want To Feel Blue

“Everything is just passing, enjoy it!” This has been my mantra for two weeks now. A constant reminder to myself that I have to slow down and take things easy. Have you ever feel so overwhelmed about everything that is going on with your life sometimes? Like yourself is divided between the things you are currently doing and from those you plan of doing. Wishing you can have more than 24 hours in a day, but knowing it can never happen. Have you ever been to this phase?

Moving on the lighter side, here’s me looking gorgeous (Sorry, but I am claiming it. Please agree with me just this once. Hehe) at the Bloggys 2015 held last 21 November 2015.

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR

If I ever win a UFC fight, I’d be the sweetest title holder. 😛 (What do you think?)

Bloggys2015 - ChiaChinR
Finalists for beauty and fashion category

The experience was both inspiring and slightly intimidating for me. If you are surrounded with bloggers whom you know are better than you or way, way better than you how would you feel? But putting the negativity aside, the important thing is that this event just made me want to do better. Cheers to a more positive outlook!

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! (I wish I’d be a finalist next time. 🙂 )



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Makeup: Maricel of Benefit Cosmetics
Dress:Something Borrowed via Zalora
Bag:Landmark Department Store

Buying Christmas Gifts Online

Few more days before the most awaited feast are you done with your Christmas shopping.

If you really can’t find time to go to the malls because of your very hectic schedule well do not worry too much coz on this post I’ve got you covered. (Wink!)

You must have heard of online shopping, right? It’s 2015 so don’t tell me you have no idea. Though I would understand if you’ll say you haven’t tried it, yet. But do you know that when you buy online you can save a lot? There are online shops that offer great discounts and free shipping too (for a minimum purchase though). Like free shipping for a minimum purchase of PHP 1,000. Not bad isn’t it? Shop all you want by just clicking.

To shoo those doubts away here’s a short list of online shops I trust. (No BS!)

  1. Zalora – A one stop online destination for everything fashion.

Mind if I tell you that ZALORA’s collection of Valentino watches is absolutely gorgeous. They look like luxury watches but cost much less!

2. Tomato.ph – The online store of the brand Tomato.

If you are looking for affordable and bold fashion statements this is the site to go.

3. Ilovebdj.com – It’s not just an online shop where you can buy planners and journals but also a community.

I have been using their planner (Belle De Jour) for two years now and it is really a chic deal. You don’t only get a planner filled with discount coupons, you also become part of a community of empowered women. You become a Bella. (Dancing)

4. Lazada – An online shopping site that offers various products across categories.

Check out their site because I read there would be special items that will be available at PHP 11 only until 11/11. Plus PHP 99 deals that will be revealed on 11/11.

5. Renzie Benzie’s Special Sylvannas – Looking for something sweet for your office gift giving?

The pastries from this online shop will make your gifting partner show his/her sweet smile.

Hoorah! I hope this post helps you a bit to beat the Christmas rush. 🙂




The Aspiring Stylist

I know it’s too late for the current season but I don’t care. I can’t wait for summer 2016 to share this. LOLs!

It was summer when they invited me to join an open shoot and nope I wasn’t one of the models or one of the photographers. My job was to do hair, make-up and wardrobe styling! It was my first time (I mean doing it somewhat official) and boy I was so excited. (Giddy)

Here see my works! 🙂

Formal/Business Look

When we hear the word formal, black and white are the first colors we have in mind. Pair it with checkered for a little POP!

Casual Wear

Give your plain colored tank top a chance by just wrapping a scarf.

Party Look

Love partying like a wild cat? Try hitting the club with a leopard print top, leggings and boots next time. HAHA!


XoXo – Chia!


Model: Ai Zel Acson
Formal: Photo by Eugene Fernandez / Edited by: Chia
Casual: Photo and Edited by: Von Lacsina
Party: Photo and Edited by: Von Lacsina