How I spent my 3 mos in quarantine

How I spent the first 3 months in quarantine

When I first learned about the lockdown I did not know it was something I should be worried about because I was so excited thinking about my new work in a new company. Dream job and dream brands The first day in quarantine was supposed to be my first day at work too. Poor timing! Although back then I wasn’t thinking that way. I thought of it as a blessing that I’ll be able to take some days rest from all the hard work I put through working for my previous company. I started binge watching on Netflix but the quarantine was extended so I started doing Tiktoks. It was then extended for another 2 weeks, so I learned SketchUp and made a 3D model of my brother’s new house.

Until it got extended for another month. I didn’t noticed this back then but I think it was when my frustrations started building up. As I try to shove the bad feeling that I am starting to notice, I cleaned our entire house. I let go of the things we never used. There were a LOT, unsurprisingly. laughs The de cluttering helped me get back into a right perspective tho. Unfortunately, the government announced another extension. Could this year get any worse?

It’s already early June and I am feeling anxious. Businesses started to open but I got no news from my new company. Bills kept piling but the government has no solid plan. I decided

to do yoga every morning and mediation to calm myself and it worked wonders for me. I am back to feeling positive again. Mid June I received a message from the HR at this new company. She said I can now start to work. Finally! I felt ecstatic and joyous. There’s hope!

Activities to do

What I am trying to say on this post is that no matter how dark your days may seem just keep getting up every morning. Try to find activities to be excited about. Our job is just a part of ourselves it doesn’t define us as a person. It is not our life. It’s true that it helps our life to be better but it’s not all that there is. You can be passionate at your job and live your life to the fullest that’s why there’s a term work life balance. You are as good as you think you are so be kind to yourself and try to be a sunshine to another person.



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