zorb ball

Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban Laguna

zorb ball

I was looking back on the best experiences I had before the year 2020. It feels great to have experienced different places with my friends, colleagues and family. I’ am lucky, I said to myself and I will forever be grateful.

Four beautiful years had pass it’s nice to see pictures of us smiling, and videos of them laughing and screaming. I can’t help but reminisce the good days from the year 2016.

This is a short vacation we had in Caliraya, Lumban Laguna. It’s basically a huge playground both for the grownups and the youngster. Best for company and big family outing. They have different giant slides and activities (A mix of water, land and air kind of activities).We slide and fly, rollover inside a giant ball, and rode a bike in the sky. Played to our hearts content and had fun until we got tired. This place is truly one of a kind and an exhilarating one.

This Corona virus had hit us in many directions. And if there’s a good thing that it did to me, I would say it humbled me and made me closer to God.

Every night I pray that this pandemic will end and soon I will be able to spend time with the special people in my life again. I miss playing with them, laughing and exchanging stories with them, in person.

Giant Slide




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