I live the moment in Boracay

To be present in the moment is a challenge, no doubt. The urge to take photos of every corner and capture every seconds of the moment so to please the taste of the digital society. That urge I went against to live in the moment on the short vacation that my friends and I had in Boracay. Always seeking new adventures and experiences the excitement was immeasurable. It was our first time to travel by plane together (The BF and I).  

I had a glimpse of Boracay. There is the fine white sand and fun nights, no question. The island is crowded with shops, bars, hotels and tourists. Puka Beach is best for swimming and bumming. We made fun of the delayed flights (From/to Manila), jumped off the 8M,  9M., 10M.  cliff (Gambate! – A cheer from the Japanese tourist), enjoyed the flyfish ride, can’t say no to island hopping, helmet diving, food hopping, and party nights. How we squeezed all these fun in 3 days vacation? I can’t explain, but not impossible.

There is, however much more to explore. I will be back for sure.

xoxo -Chia


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