Overcoming Cynophobia: The first encounters

4th August (Meeting Mum and Dada) – We visited Yuuki in his place. Yuuki is so adorable and he behaved like an angel. In my mind I said: “If you will always be like this, how can I feel fear? Never.


The Bf tried tried to wake him by gently rubbing his tummy. He was awake for some seconds though, then fell back to sleep. I guess he is too young to be hyper, yet. Which is a good thing for me. HaHa!


We could’ve have brought him home but decided not to because he is only 3 weeks old. He is too fragile for a first timer like me.

13th August (Baby Sitting) – My brother’s girlfriend dropped Yuuki at our house so I could baby sit the pup while she’ll be away for some hours. This was our second meeting and it kind of served as a little practice for me. That day I discovered that aside from being a sleepy head the chap is a sweet little thing too! He loves to sleep over a human’s chest. Whoa!


I can’t wait to have him at our house permanently.

21st August (Preparations for his coming) – We went out to shop for puppy stuff. Aside the fact that it is costly, I’d say it was a fun thing to do. We got him a bed, a carry bag, puppy food, milk, and vitamins.

By the way, at the mall we’ve seen a few puppies but I still felt that I don’t want to be near them. 😦

27th August (Welcome Home Boy!) – After a visit with my dentist we went to see Yuuki and this time to bring him home!


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