Overcoming Cynophobia: My hope, my Yuuki

Contrary to my last post the puppy is more like a hope to me.

I was in the midst of sadness, confusion, and madness that time. I was asking a lot of questions to Him. Why? What? Where? I was like what the hell is happening Bruh! So I tested my what? Faith? That I asked for something impossible and astonished it was given right away. It was surreal ’cause I planned a lot of things, did them accordingly and was only given shit. But He gave me a puppy when I asked for one. To me the puppy was like a little gift of hope. So I named him Yuuki it means gentle hope.



I still can’t believe I will have a puppy. I am also surprised that I feel excited about it. A cynophobic is excited to have a dog? That doesn’t sound right in every angle, girl!


One thought on “Overcoming Cynophobia: My hope, my Yuuki

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