DIY: Make Do Shirt

During our fashion styling class we were tasked to do a “Make do” shirt based on the artworks inside a gallery. At the time the gallery showcased the works of Cian Dayrit titled PASYON and Jonas Eslao’s BEYOND;.

It’s easy to recycle old shirts nowadays because you can see a lot of tutorials on Youtube, but to interpret two different artworks into one design is another story.

For this DIY project you will need the following materials:
1. Plain T-Shirt (Preferably white, but it’s your call)
2. Scissors
3. Design Logo (This can be whatever you like: fruit, quote, photo, etc.)
4. Printer
5. T-shirt transfer paper
6. Iron

When everything is set just follow these easy steps.
Step 1: Cut it to strips
Cut the half of your shirt this way.


Step 2: Tie ’em all
Make a design by tying the strips.


DISCLAIMER: this is the tiring part.

Step 3: Knot-knot
When you finished tying the strips together make a knot at the end of the stings.

Step 4: Print me!
This is the fun part! Choose a design you like on the internet or you can make it yourself. Then print it on the T-shirt transfer paper.

DIY Shirt step 4

Step 5: Cut me
Cut the design.

DIY Shirt Step 5

Note: Do this if you are using a colored shirt.

Step 6: Transfer me
Normally the transfer paper package have instructions on how to transfer the design to your shirt, but basically you will just place the image on top of the shirt (The image side need to be facing the shirt.), then iron over. Peel the paper slowly making sure the image was transferred to the shirt.


Simple and easy, right?

Yay or Slay? Let me know what you think. 🙂


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