Change is coming

When my best friend urged me to have a daring haircut I felt so excited that I said yes right away. I searched the internet for a nice peg and planned to have it done ASAP. The realization that it might be a crazy idea just came as an afterthought.

Too giddy I was, I shared the idea to some ladies whom I spent time with lately. I was actually secretly wishing for disapproval. To my surprise I saw excitement in their eyes and words of encouragement. My excitement just doubled.

Came Monday me and my best friend went to Hairshaft Salon at Glorietta 3 where we had our hair done. And we were both happy with the result. Plus, I received compliments from friends and colleagues.


Orbel Balmaceda – Artistic Director


Hair means a lot for us ladies that is why some cuts it when they have their hearts broken. As if it is a symbol that changes its color or form depending on our mood. It could also be like a memory stick that gets long or short depending on the memories we want to keep. Our hair is our crowning glory.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

**Because this is the most daring hair cut I did so far, I could now cross out pixie cut on my 2016 to do list.**


Hairshaft Salon
3rd Floor, Glorietta 3

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