Three day quote challenge: Day 1

By James Oppenheim
By James Oppenheim

Need I say more?

I posted these words by James Oppenheim on my desk when I started on my first job to remind myself that happiness is not a place. That I can be happy whenever wherever because it is a disposition. So folks, if you want to be happy take it from James Oppenheim. Let’s be happy!

Thank you to the most flavorful sabaw here at wordpress Aysa for nominating me on this challenge.

For this Challenge, the rules are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.

My day one nominees are:

  1. Glimmer of Happiness
  2. Howlynnaful
  3. The Picky Eater Travels

I can only hope they accept the challenge. 🙂


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