Happy hearts day

There’s a misconception that valentine’s day is only for couples which I find odd.

It’s kind of sad to hear single people say: “Valentine’s day is just a normal day.”

For me, valentine’s day is for people who have a heart, someone who knows how to give love, and wants to receive love. That having a family or friends is enough reason to celebrate this day with perfect smiyes (Smiling with your eyes. A tip from Tyra Banks).

C’mon girl! Get up, feel pretty, and dress-up. I assume you love yourself too so you have all the rights to celebrate this hearts day too!

This is a perfect day for your another #OOTD too!

VDAY2015 1
BTW. This photo won Miss Photogenic. Thanks to our friend, the awesome photographer!

Vday2015 2

Vday2015 3

As I write this post, my family is preparing for a little heart’s day celebration. It’s also family day, remember?

Happy heart’s day!

With love,


Photos taken by: Paul Nick Amora


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