Things I want to do in 2016

Before I enumerate the things I look forward to do this coming 2016, I want to ask how was your Christmas? I hope you had a great time.

Three more nights before we welcome 2016 have you assessed how well you did this year? Don’t be too hard on yourself I know you did great enough so you deserve an ice cream treat. 🙂

I am pretty (Period. haha Just kidding.) excited for the coming new year. What’s new, I am always excited. 🙂 New year means new beginning for all of us. What could be the reason not to feel jumpy? I don’t see any. Challenges makes our life exciting so please don’t see it as a hindrance.

To carry over the bucket of F.U.N from 2015 I have list down the things I think I want to do come 2016.

  1. Color my hair purple
  2. Go surfing
  3. Join a drawing contest
  4. Send snail mails
  5. Arrange a pajama party with girlfriends
  6. Hike three mountains
  7. Record one song and upload it on Facebook
  8. Buy my first sewing machine
  9. Write a poem
  10. Curl my hair
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Enter a horror house
  13. Make five DIY post
  14. Visit five beach this year
  15. Arrange a surprise outing
  16. Buy a kid I don’t know an ice cream
  17. Write a short fiction
  18. Watch a movie alone
  19. Swim with the sharks
  20. Discover local food stops in Cavite
  21. Feed birds
  22. Make a dress for myself
  23. Help out others in need. Do a volunteer work
  24. Have a pet
  25. Enrol to a design school
  26. Visit an island I haven’t been to before
  27. Visit three museums
  28. Apply for a designing job
  29. Go to Cebu
  30. Make a cake for someone
  31. Visit salon for a pixie cut

That’s it! It’s quite a long CHALLENGING list for me.  Well you know what they say – “If it doesn’t scare you. It isn’t big enough”. I do hope to tick them off before 2016 ends.

How about you? Have you thought about the things you want to do in 2016? I bet you have, share it with us! 🙂

From the bottom of my heart I wish you another happy, healthy, exciting and prosperous NEW YEAR!



7 thoughts on “Things I want to do in 2016

  1. I think changing my way of eating/ trying to eat more healthily will be challenging. As a college student, I’ve been used to quick & easy and fast foods. I’m definitely going to try working on that this year and break that habit however. What about you?

    Happy New Year!

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    • That’s a good one. As a yuppie eating healthy is a challenge too. Compared to when I was still in the University, working world requires really fast pace. I would agree that you start practicing eating more healthy.
      And yes, I’d love to work double in my eating habit. Hi 5! ✋

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