Nozomi Restaurant: Another delectable discovery

Looking for a place to relax, eat and dine but doesn’t want to go too far away Manila?

Just in time. Last weekend my friend invited me to check out this Japanese restaurant and I was like “Oohh?” because whenever I think of Japanese food it is sushi and maki that pops first and it turns me off. Yes, unlike my best food buddy (Boyfriend) I am one of those people who are not a fan. I have few favorite Japanese restaurants though so I thought Nozomi Restaurant probably offer a wide variety of Japanese food too.

Nozomi Health Spa and Restaurant is just across CCP. You read it right; aside from serving satiable Japanese dishes it offers relaxation treatment too. Don’t judge the place by its cover though for all we know there are beautiful finds hiding in modest places.

Gladly, I said yes to the invitation. The food they served turned on my palate and I am back in the game!

First on our table were Liver, Tanshio, and Mixed Yakiniku.

Liver, Tanshio and Mixed Yakiniku
Liver, Tanshio, and Mixed Yakiniku

Among the three Tanshio is my favorite, and the Liver was a surprising discovery for me. I don’t like eating liver, but when I tried theirs I was surprised that it tastes good.

We also had regular (BIG) bowls of Gomoku Ramen, and Tempura Ramen.  Both are tasty, but Tempura Ramen standout for me. They have snack bowl option if you can’t finish a big bowl of ramen. 🙂

Then we had a plate of mixed fry. Without having a second thought I dig in for I was certain it is something I would enjoy.

Mixed Fry
Mixed Fry

To cap our food tasting we had a scoop of ice cream with cherry on top.

Nozomi Ice cream

And before I forget they are currently giving FREE Maki when you dine, for a limited time.

The prices on the menu are reasonable costing us only PHP 2,320 (good for six people) for all the food ordered .

So my verdict, hmm… thumbs up!



Nozomi Health Spa and Restaurant

1712 Roxas boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines

Open daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

For inquiries call 0916.408.2231

Appreciate your comments

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