Buying Christmas Gifts Online

Few more days before the most awaited feast are you done with your Christmas shopping.

If you really can’t find time to go to the malls because of your very hectic schedule well do not worry too much coz on this post I’ve got you covered. (Wink!)

You must have heard of online shopping, right? It’s 2015 so don’t tell me you have no idea. Though I would understand if you’ll say you haven’t tried it, yet. But do you know that when you buy online you can save a lot? There are online shops that offer great discounts and free shipping too (for a minimum purchase though). Like free shipping for a minimum purchase of PHP 1,000. Not bad isn’t it? Shop all you want by just clicking.

To shoo those doubts away here’s a short list of online shops I trust. (No BS!)

  1. Zalora – A one stop online destination for everything fashion.

Mind if I tell you that ZALORA’s collection of Valentino watches is absolutely gorgeous. They look like luxury watches but cost much less!

2. – The online store of the brand Tomato.

If you are looking for affordable and bold fashion statements this is the site to go.

3. – It’s not just an online shop where you can buy planners and journals but also a community.

I have been using their planner (Belle De Jour) for two years now and it is really a chic deal. You don’t only get a planner filled with discount coupons, you also become part of a community of empowered women. You become a Bella. (Dancing)

4. Lazada – An online shopping site that offers various products across categories.

Check out their site because I read there would be special items that will be available at PHP 11 only until 11/11. Plus PHP 99 deals that will be revealed on 11/11.

5. Renzie Benzie’s Special Sylvannas – Looking for something sweet for your office gift giving?

The pastries from this online shop will make your gifting partner show his/her sweet smile.

Hoorah! I hope this post helps you a bit to beat the Christmas rush. 🙂




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