Recognizing the Best Filipino Bloggers: Bloggys 2015

Bloggys 2015

Hello! Have you heard the news? There will be an awarding event for Filipino bloggers! The #Bloggys2015 – Philippine Blogging Awards. This is a ceremony to recognize the best Filipino bloggers in the Philippines coming from Luzon to Mindanao.

Isn’t it exciting? The best bloggers in the country will be recognized and rewarded for being awesome.

Who knows? It could be you; it could be your favorite blogger or me.

So how they will choose who the best bloggers are?

Last 1st September 2015, the nomination process started. Anyone can nominate who they think stands out on a specific category. You can even nominate yourself! Note that there are 18 categories in particular. The nomination stage will end on 30th September 2015; so what are you waiting for? Nominate now!

Next will be the voting stage that will start on October 5 to 31 2015. Anyone can choose from the list of qualified nominees published in their website.

Then judging stage will be on November 1 to 7 2015. On these dates, the jury will select the finalists for each category and the winners. The awards will be Winner/Best [Category] Blog award, [Category] People’s Choice Award, Bloggys 2015 Philippine Champion, People’s Champion, Top Blog Post of the Year, the Best Design Blog, and the Best Filipino Blog.

On the Gala night that will happen on 21 November 2015 in SMX, SM Aura Taguig, they will announce who are the finalists and winners. Influential bloggers, trendsetters, blogging groups and communities will be in this event too. This prestigious awarding ceremony will definitely be a significant event in Philippine blogging history.

If you did not get an invitation cheer up, because you can reserve a ticket in their website or you can sign-up to be a volunteer. Surely, an awesome experience awaits.

Appreciate your comments

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