DIY Minion Sponge Cake

Bello! I was supposed to go on a hiking adventure with my girlfriends this weekend but because of the rainy weather, we have to reschedule. 😦 Good thing the gloomy feeling because of the postponed adventure was relieved by an exciting DIY project with my little sister. 🙂

Well Minions had been the craze here in the PH since last week (I think?). I have seen products and product commercials offering Minion collectibles. And it is not only the kids coz even the young adults (Like my sibs, cousins, friends and bf.) are captivated by these cute little… banana? (Ok! I admit I find them adorable too!) Hahaha

My younger sister bought a Monde sponge cake packs (Not just one but two!!!) that comes with a DIY Minion sponge cake maker kit. (See it’s my sister who is really in to it! Shhh!)

DIY Minion sponge cake - ChiaChinR

It is quick and very easy to do. First, we mixed the yellow frosting by pressing the sachet. Then, spread the frosting on top of the Monde sponge cake.

DIY Minion sponge cake - ChiaChinR

Third, we put the fondant eyes and mouth of our minion.

DIY Minion sponge cake - ChiaChinR

Tadaah! Our very own Minion sponge cake! Me want Banana! #MyMamonMinion

DIY Minion sponge cake - ChiaChinR

My sister and I enjoyed it. I suggest you to give it a try coz it is a fun and yummy activity to divert kids attention away from the computer screens even just for a couple of minutes. Who knows this quick and fun activity might just be the start of their new hobby. 🙂

My sisters had watched the Minion movie already (Have you?) so tomorrow I will be watching it with my bf. (I am so excited!)

So what is your minion kind of activity/thing?



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