Katungkulan Beach Resort – Ternate Cavite

Formerly known as Cavite de Boracay, Katungkulan Beach Resort is only 2 hours’ drive away from Manila.

DAY 100
COTTAGE 350-500
ROOM 1000-1,500

You’ll know that you are there when you see this signage that says: “Marine Barracks – Gregorio Lim”. Yes, you read it right! KBR is inside a marine barracks so just in case security is one of your concern I don’t think rebels will be anywhere around the vicinity. Although I am not sure about the thieves, you’d better keep an eye on your belongings.

KBR - ChiaChinR

To set your expectations right though the place was known as the “Boracay of Cavite” (I don’t know why), the sand is not powdery fine and white as the original Boracay of the Philippines. Don’t be deceived by the photos, the sand is off white to grayish and fine (but not powdery fine). The seawater may not be crystal blue however it is clean and clear.

Things to do:

Wade and splash into the salt water, if you are lucky you will have to share the beach with the marines doing their training and bask under the sun with your family or friends for a gabfest.

(And that is me with my sisters. In chronological order I am the eldest, but it would seem that I am the youngest now. Trololols!)

You can also sing at your heart’s content, there is a karaoke machine available. Coz aside from eating, us Filipinos loves singing (even though singing doesn’t love us – I mean “me”).

Katungkulan Beach Resort may be very simple compared to other beaches that I had been to, no extracurricular fun activities like kayaking, skimboarding, banana boat ride and all that, but that’s what makes this beach special. It offers simplicity.

Sometimes this is the kind of escape that we are looking for plain, simple and no sugar-coating. Now I guess you’ll know what they mean when they say “simplicity is beauty”, right? 🙂

KBR - ChiaChinR
Can you spot the star?

So long!


5 thoughts on “Katungkulan Beach Resort – Ternate Cavite

  1. Ayos! This place is probably the most secure beach in the Philippines. I actually have an uncle who is stationed in Cavite and he has been inviting me to visit the place…Kung alam ko lang na ganito kaganda. That was like more than five years ago…

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  2. ok lang ba kung pupunta dun ng biglaan…o need magpabook if yes how? any contact nila kase diko matawagan yung contact na nsa page nila tnx…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Someone. 😄 Yes, you could go there without reservation. Pero there are days na sarado sila for some reason. So, better check sa fb page nila if my announcement sila na close yung ganitong dates.


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