My First Hello To Pangasinan

I would like to start this post with a quote from the movie Annie. I love Annie her smart mouth and her positive vibe. Who wouldn’t love Annie?

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

Last April I went to Pangasinan with my colleagues for our company outing (organized by yours truly for the second time) and brought my younger sister with me (she loves outdoors as much as I do).

We booked our stay at El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Vacation Club. It is in Lingayen and will take 5 hours drive from Manila but still an hour away to Alaminos where the Hundred Islands National Park is. (Finding a good place to lodge can be frustrating during peak season. I would suggest to search for a place to stay at least two months early.)

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

Surely you can’t miss this giant Arapaima that will welcome you at the reception area.

Fact time: Arapaima’s are one of the largest freshwater fish in the world and an air-breather kind of fish.

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

The resort is a nice and comfortable place to stay in. With its green and rustic setting who wouldn’t want to be in this tranquil place (like forever)? Temporarily freed from the busy life in the city. Away from the engine noise and honking horns of buses and cars. A thousand miles away from the word “stress” in short. (Haha!)  The reason why we all love vacations, right?

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

(Ain’t it obvious that she also loves outdoors? Haha!)

A safe parking space? Check!

Cozy and clean rooms? Check! They have air-conditioned nipa huts perched partially above the fish pond on the bamboo stilts, dormitory type, small to large family rooms, one bedroom and two bedroom deluxe, and standard rooms.

Photo credits to my sister Charlene
Photo credits to my sister Charlene

Swimming pool? Anticipated. (But salty)

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

More swimming pools? More than what is expected. (Still salty.) Aquatica Marina Water Park is another attraction but also managed by the resort.  It has a wave pool, slides for the grown ups and your little ones, and kiddie pools too. (A bunch of swimming pools for the group!)

Photo credits to my sister Charlene
Photo credits to my sister Charlene

And the mandatory beach – this place won’t be complete without it! (Salty as expected.) Lingayen Gulf may not be a white sand beach but its fine ash gray sand and small waves is enough to satisfy your craving for relaxation.

(Then, here’s me and my sister goofing around like kids. Sorry not sorry 🙂 )

Whatever activity you have in mind you can do it here. Other than the usual swimming, sunbathing and building sand castle; banana boat ride, kayak, skimboarding and team building activities such as tire hop, sack race, tug of war, limbo rack and beach volleyball are also available.

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

Bringing in food other than light snacks is not allowed but no worries the resort serves delectable food. I love their dried baby swordfish and puto calasiao. A must try when you visit Pangasinan.

Photo credits to my sister Charlene
Photo credits to my sister Charlene

At night, the group can chill around a bonfire, make some s’mores while enjoying funny or spooky stories. (Which do you prefer funny or spooky?)

El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR

That’s it! Let’s call it a day.

Next week’s story is about the Hundred Islands National Park! Have you been to hundred islands? I am excited to hear your story too!


El Puerto Marina - ChiaChinR


6 thoughts on “My First Hello To Pangasinan

  1. Cool adventure there, Chia. Having a conversation with close friends around bonfire is what I missed the most. Suddenly felt nostalgic because of it. The last one I had was in March 2011. The friends are a group of mountaineers, whom I really hold dearly. They are the best travel buddies to date. Learned a lot from them.


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