Poctoy White Beach Marinduque

The beach! Summer vacation won’t be complete without hitting the beach. (Right?) Marinduque is a small island surrounded by waters. So unsurprisingly they have beaches to explore!

I first explored the Poctoy white beach in Torrijos. It appears famous to Marinduqueños so I have to see it for myself.

From Buenavista it took us an hour to reach Poctoy. I suggest you bring a vehicle with you. Commuting can be a hassle. I bet transportation trouble is the last thing you want to experience when on vacation.

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

The entrance fee ranges from PHP 10 to PHP 20 and cottages costs PHP 200. Budget friendly, check!

So how’s the place? Honestly it is not how I imagine it to be or maybe I did set my expectations too high.

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

When we arrived, the beach was pretty occupied with tourists enjoying the white sand and saltwater. Crowded to overcrowded is how I will describe it. I told you it is famous. Haha

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

The water is very shallow that even we walked a few meters away from the shore the water would only be as high as my knee to my waist. Although I won’t recommend that you wade farther away from the shore because there are booby traps scattered all over! What?! I mean sea urchins. There are lots of sea urchins not so far away from the shore. (Remembering it gives me goose bumps) Renting a kayak is what I would suggest so you could enjoy gallivanting through the waters. It costs PHP 150 per hour.

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

If you don’t want to pay extra you can still enjoy the waters but be careful not to step on any booby traps (I mean sea urchins) or just enjoy the sand and go sun bathing. You can also rent a videoke machine or play beach volleyball with your friends and family. (up to you!)

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Rinsing time?(Ooops!) I don’t think the beach has a good water system yet as most of the showers were not working and comfort rooms and dressing rooms were a mess (really). What we did, we let ourselves dry a little bit and bathed when we returned to Buenavista. Good thing we brought a private vehicle thus travelling in wet clothes was not so much of a problem. (I told you so)

Exploring is a trial and error process. The more exploring the more learning and experiences gained. If it’s a good one, great! If not, charge it to experience. Stay positive and happy!

Here’s a beautiful sunset to remind me… “What a good day it has been!”.

Poctoy White Beach - ChiaChinR

Okay that’s it! In the next two weeks I’ll be posting about Pangasinan so if you haven’t been to any place yet this summer stay tuned for more ideas.



14 thoughts on “Poctoy White Beach Marinduque

  1. We were there in Boac and in that very beach just last week! And yes, those sea urchins were like “land mines” scattered a few yards away from the shore. That’s why I never tried that kayak thing in that beach. There were four of us who got punctured by those creatures.


    • Oh no! Eeeks! That was so unfortunate. I hope the four of you were not badly hurt.

      I find kayak a safer way to enjoy that saltwater. I was inside a vessel at least. Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Actuallly, the brothers went that far where the sea urchins are because they fell out of the kayak! 😛


        • Oh my that was tragic! So what happened? Did they laugh about it? Coz we Filipinos use to make fun of our mishaps. (Ohh and that’s another story I guess?)

          But I should be telling to my readers now to be careful not to fall out of the kayak in Poctoy White Beach. haha


  2. Would rather pay than settle for videoke, Chia. Long before I fell in love with the mountains, I was so infatuated with the beach. Seeing something like those in your pictures makes me reconsider which is which. 🙂

    Safe travels


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