Wander at Boac

After the delicious lunch we get on our feet and started roaming around Boac.

Wander at Boac - ChiaChinR

First stop, the National Museum, Boac Marinduque branch. The Museum highlights artifacts discovered underwater the Gaspar site, the story of the colourful Moriones Festival, and the income generating activities of the Marinduqueños such as farming, fishing, and traditional crafts production. The museum’s entrance fee is very minimal ranging from PHP 5 to PHP 20. No budget excuse for you to miss this place. 🙂

This is “Liwasan ng Kalayaan” it serves as the replica of Casa Real Building and it is where the original Casa Real exactly stands.

Wander at Boac - ChiaChinR

Then, we went to Marinduque Expo where we enjoyed taking photos of and together with different morions – as the locals calls it.

Wander at Boac - ChiaChinR

Aside from the colourful morions, different souvenir and food stalls showcasing Marinduques pride were present inside the expo. (This is where I bought pasalubongs haha)

There was a butterfly booth where you can intermingle and take photos with the butterflies too!

And oh! Would you dare to snap a photo holding these cuties? Haha

Have I mentioned that I find Boac quite similar to Vigan. There were heritage houses, some were maintained as residences and others were transformed as commercial spaces.

The last stop was the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Boac Cathedral) and I feel blessed that we were able to hear the homily just in time when we arrived. Just by merely looking at its exterior you can tell it is history and when you get to see the interior, the word is exquisite. Mind if I tell you that this is located on top of the hill so going up is a bit of a challenge unless you are riding a vehicle. haha

Local story time: Back in the 17th century the cathedral serves as a refuge for the locals whenever Moro pirates would attempt to invade the town of Boac. In one particular attack when the forces of Marinduque defenders seemed to weaken suddenly, a powerful storm came followed by the appearance of a glowing image of a Lady. Her arms outstretched as if telling the invaders to go away. After that, the Moros fled with their sailboats. Hence, a new name for the Lady emerged as “Ina ng Biglang Awa” or the “Mother of Instant Mercy”.

That’s it for my Marinduque travel stories. Oh.. No! Wait! I seem to forget something. Oh yes, the beach experience. How can I forget? Summer won’t be complete without visiting a beach. Will talk about it next week. Promise!



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