2015 DIY Summer Necklace

Last weekend I was making my D.I.Y summer necklace and realized it’s been a while since my last crafty post.

Not so long ago I received a desk calendar from Balikbayan. It was nicely wrapped in a brown native kind of paper, tied with twine and ornament attached.

Like this!

Pronto! I was attracted to the stone and thought it would be a pretty necklace pendant.

To start with, I prepared pliers, scissors, satin cord, eye pin, crimp beads, lobster lock, jump rings and the charm. Greetings from Bebe-Chuchu (left) and again Hugo (right).


First is to make a simple connector. Insert the eye pin into the hole of the charm.


Then, bend the pin around making a somewhat letter L (be careful not to bend it too short nor too long). The eye should face upward while the pointed end horizontal.

Next, twist the pin twice. Covering the portion of the pin that is positioned upright.

Cut the excess wire and if there’s still a portion that is loose/unattached twist it again. So, it should look like this.

When the pendant is ready, combine it with the satin cord. (How long the necklace would be is all up to you. It’s your necklace)


For the lock I thought of three options.

1. The very basic is the single knot lock.


2. A triple overhand knot on one end and a loop knot on the other.

3. The classic. The use of jewellery locks and toggles. Definitely you may use any type of clasps such as toggle clasp & ring, barrel clasp, magnetic clasp, lobster clasp & jump ring, etc. I used a lobster lock and a jump ring. You may also want to put extenders. I ran out of crimp beads so I improvised and used pins to hold the jump rings.hihi


Voila! My summer DIY necklace! What I need next is a summer outfit to match my necklace.


I will be sharing my summer outfit wearing this DIY necklace on my instagram account and It will be nice if you can share yours too! When posting your DIY necklace please don’t forget to tag me on twitter and/or instagram.

Ughh! Summer feels! I’m pretty excited for my Marinduque escape this holy week! Hope to see you around.


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