The 2015 BDJ Rendevouz experience

The first BDJ Rendevouz for 2015 was held last Saturday 28 February 2015 at the Glorietta 5 activity center.

Hosted by the beautiful DJ Tracy Abad.

2015-BDJ Rendevouz-ChiaChinR

It was an afternoon full of fun, inspiration, food and giveaways for the Bellas. Like me!

To start the afternoon they had a game sponsored by Celeteque. Without hesitation I stood and volunteered. Yey! It was fun. Our team did not win tho.

BDJ invited speakers to inspire the Bellas to rise to the daily grind.

The first speaker was Ms. Tanya Dela Cruz, she’s a certified yoga instructor and a fitness guru at One Life Studio. Yes, she shared the right way to be fit and healthy. Plus, some exercise routines to start a good morning.
One advise that I would like to take from her is to start the day early. She said that “the only hurdle when you plan your day early is waking up early” and when you start your day early you can accomplish a lot. Don’t you agree? Coz, I really do.

For career empowerment Ms. Catherine Kamping the founder of Youth Employment was present.
There are few advises that I would love to take from her. Such as, “hard work is equivalent to miracle”, “that one’s goal should be aligned to his/her passion” and “to do our best in everything because whatever we give off to the universe the universe will throw it back to us”. Sounds very basic, but these are the perceptions that we often neglect.

Talking about fashion the girls heard from the celebrity stylist Ms. Bea Constantino. My favorite part.
She shared some budget friendly shopping tips:

  • To buy plain pieces from high-end brands.
  • To buy plain and classics pieces during sales.
  • To get trendier pieces from mid-end department stores.
  • To buy pieces that you can mix and match for more usage.

Next was the Ponds girl Ms. Nicole Anderson who shared about the new product from Ponds. The Ponds Cleansing Gel.

The last speaker was Ms. Jen Horn of Muni, she talked about culture and environment care.

BDJ did not only filled the Bellas with information and inspiration but they also prepared good and healthy snacks for the girls.

As always Bellas had the chance to join the raffle and were given loot bags. I received GOODY Softies from the raffle yey! That’s my Hugo short for #WhoGoat I changed “o” to “u”. He’s actually a ram but, 2015 is the year of Sheep/Ram/Goat anyway and it’s my year. 🙂

That’s all for now from your feeling “BDJ event insider”. Just kidding!

xoxo Chia!

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