More of Ilocos

I know I know. This has been long overdue, so here it is. On our second day, we visited first the old Burgos light house. It was actually my first time to see a light house up close and I was astounded by the beautiful view from the top.

Next stop. The Kapurpurawan Ilocos Norte. The place is known for its impressive white rock formations.  A good venue for pictorial. Ain’t it obvious from our photos?Lols!

Yes, the day will not be complete without stopping by at the Bangui Wind Farm. Oh! Yes! The huge electric fan like thing that produces energy for the province. I hope we can have more of these natural energy producers here in the Philippines. A solar-powered city perhaps?Lols!

While the most relaxing part of the tour for me may sound exhausting but, that almost 2 hours I spent with nature was a breather from my busy life in the city.  By the way it took us 45 mins. trekking to the Kabigan falls and another going back. 

To end our awesome day we had our dinner at La Preciosa in Laoag City. If you happen to be somewhere near this restaurant I recommend that you try their food. They have a long list of authentic Ilocano specialities and I so love their carrot cake! Yummy!

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