Parisukat: Two ways to wear

My sister and I received these “Batang 90’s” statement tees as present last Christmas from Parisukat. The statement on the shirt is very fitting for us because we are both a 90’s kid. And proud!

So we thought it would be lovely if we could come up with two different looks from our similar shirt.

The office casual look or the dress down Friday look

This is perfectly comfortable for working ladies like me who are and about to run errands in and outside office. Pardon my blank expression coz I am still conscious in front of the camera. But I’ am working on it.

The casual street look or hang-out look

This is a cool look when you are going out for a stroll in the mall/park or just hanging out with your favorite friends.



5 thoughts on “Parisukat: Two ways to wear

  1. both ways are nice. the first one gives you a serious, responsible look. the second brings out your youthfulness. need to work on that smile, though. I’ve also been practicing smiles. It’s really quite hard pala. I’m following you here on out. 🙂

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    • Hi Nick, I appreciate your thoughts really. And it is so flattering to hear from a fellow filipino and your a journalist pa. 🙂 Agree to you on that and swear I am working on it. Will surely follow you back.



      • A journalist, spin-doctor. Whichever fits. 🙂 Nice to hear from you Chia! If it makes you feel any better, I’m also having trouble smiling for scripted shots – it’s so difficult for me to smile naturally when I have to. So that makes both of us!


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