Fight your Inertia and do your New Year’s Solutions

Happy 2015 everyone! Another year to conquer and enjoy are you ready? I know it sounds cliché when someone asked you “What is/are your new year’s resolution/s?” But if you want to share it with me on the comment box below I’d be happy to hear.  We often assess ourselves every end of the year don’t we? and promises to change this and that for the better. Then little by little we become someone who wanted to be a better version of “ME”. That is the good thing when doing “new year’s resolution/s” but, when promises becomes a “broken vow” that is the negative part.

So this year, instead of jotting down my new year’s resolutions I started doing my new year’s solutions!

1. I want to begin my year fresh and less stress!

Therefore, I went to my preferred Spa The Spa Bellagio to have a full body massage and say bye-bye to 2014’s body pains.

2. Sad little nails? Na-Ah…

I walked in to my favorite hub and gave my little nails a treat!

3. Feeling hideous because of the zits and black heads? Not any more!

Instead of feeling bad about it, I visited my trusted derm clinic for a treatment. Voila! They pricked away my unwanted skin flaws. Happy skin again!

4. Keep my hair healthy and say no to bad hair days.

For us girls our hair is our crown and when it becomes unruly Gosh! it feels very bad isn’t it? To avoid the “bad hair days” as many days as possible a visit to my preferred salon was a good start.

NY's Solution-ChiaChinR

5. Have a good smile 🙂

I admit my teeth are not picture perfect yet thus, a need for a therapy and help from the dentist I trust is the solution.

6. To stay fit and healthy

I manage to do a short run once a week to keep me feeling lively, fit and healthy. I think a new exercise/sports wear will keep me going. If you want one too I found a range of sports tees for women at ZALORA for a good price.

And those were my new year’s solutions so far! What are your new year’s solutions? 🙂

Talk to you soon.



Appreciate your comments

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