DIY Christmas Stars

Hello! Getting ready for Christmas? Are you done with your Christmas decorations or you are just about to start and on search for a cheap decoration? The answer is yes? Well, I am to share a simple Christmas decoration idea that you may want to consider. A do it yourself Christmas star.


First things first, materials. The materials needed for this simple project are the following:

1. Aluminum wire. Depends on the color of your choice. For me, I will be using gold.

2. Long nose and pliers. We need these to cut and shape the aluminum wire to form a star.

3. Measuring tape. Obviously, the purpose of this is to ensure that the length of the star’s sides are similar or very close to being similar. For those who are expert in estimating you can omit using this if you prefer but, I’ll be needing this.

All set? Then, let’s start this project!

Step 1. Using the measuring tape I will be needing a 50 cm long of aluminum wire and cut it using the pliers. If you want a bigger star then, get a longer wire.

Step 2. Make a swirl. But be sure to leave enough space for the hook later.


Step 3. Measure 3 cm starting from the end of the swirl. From there make a single loop using the long nose. Then, bend to make an edge forming an angle.

Step 4. From the edge measure another 3 cm then, make a double loop.

Step 5. At the end of the double loop measure another 3 cm then form a single loop and bend to make an edge forming an angle.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the Christmas star is formed.


The project should look like this


Now we will close the Christmas star and make a hook.

First, we need to bend the extra wire 90 degrees then insert it in the hole of the swirl made earlier.

Next, bend the wire upwards and curve it to make a hook.

That’s it a DIY Christmas star! 🙂

I hope you learned something from this post.

Stay creative and have fun!

Till the next project.



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