How to Winterize your nails:

It’s NovemBER now that means the cool dry season is in! We only have 2 types of season in the Philippines, the wet or rainy season which normally starts from May-October and the dry season that could be subdivided into cool dry and hot dry season. The cool dry season starts from November to February and this is the coldest period in our country. We don’t really have a “real winter with snow” here in the Philippines, as this is a tropical country. But the temperature during the cool dry season fits for our Christmas holiday. (This is our kind of winter) 🙂

Some have said that during cold weather our nails tend to grow slower. And that cold temperature may also cause our nails to become brittle, prone to infections and may experience discolouration.

So, how do you prettify your nails for the cold season? (If you would like to share your personal tips on how you winterize your nails on the comment box below, that would be great!)

I’ll be sharing to you my simple routines in prepping my nails for the cold weather.

  1. Remove those chipped off nail polish. It is better to wear nothing than flaunting a worn out nail polish.


  1. Cut and Clean. Yes, I love wearing long nails but just like our hair they need a little trimming too! I keep it not too long to avoid cracking  and not too short for a sexy look. Then remove the dead cuticle using a cuticle pusher and brush.
  2. Give your nails a break! I allow a week interval before putting colors on my nails again. Like my hair, I feel like my nails need some time to breath and rest from chemicals.
  3. Apply nail polish.

How to winterize nails-ChiaChinR

Want more nail care tips for the upcoming winter?

Here are some exclusive tips from the next generation beauty company Julep on how to winterize your nails:


And they have trendy nail polish color suggestions too!


Have a fab and healthy winter ready nails! 😀




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