Exploring Ilocos Norte


As I continue my story about our journey to Ilocos, we travelled further north to visit the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in Batac City. Ferdinand Marcos was known to have ruled the Philippines with an iron fist, who declared martial law, a dictator, a memory whiz, and for some a great leader. I see him as the most brilliant, famous and yet controversial president of the Philippines.

Here, they exhibit the memorabilia of the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his spouse Imelda Marcos. Entering the museum does not only feel like travelling back in time. It gives me the vibe that I’ll finally meet this great person and tyrant whom I only know from history books, someone I only see on television.

Next to the museum is the mausoleum of Ferdinand Marcos. They said that it was Marcos wish to be buried at the heroes cemetery however, the succeeding administrations did not allow it. So the family kept his body preserved in a glass coffin that is open for public viewing. According to the family’s mortician the remains inside the coffin is real but the rumours have said it is a wax replica and the body was secretly buried.

Taking photos inside the mausoleum is not allowed but I’ll share to you how I felt inside.

While I was looking for my friends, I accidentally entered this black cold room filled with white flowers around the sides. Walking slowly, enchanted by the scent of the flowers, and hoping to my find my friends. Little did I know it was the mausoleum that I entered until I saw a man lying inside a glass tube. My initial reaction? I skittishly rushed to the exit. Mortified (I am not prepared to see his body yet reaction), and looked for someone or anyone I know to calm myself. Imagining how scared I was that time makes me chuckle. HAHA. Forgive my cowardliness. 


Then we visited another historical church. The Parroquia de San Agustine or known as the Church of Paoay. I admire the love of Filipino people in preserving the Catholic churches not only in Ilocos but in many parts of the Philippines and hopefully this will continue forever. Looking on its outer physical appearance you could say it is history.

ChiaChinR/Church of Paoay
Photo by Gerson Gonzales



Our next stop. The Malacañang of the North. Ever since, I fancied how it is like living in the old times when houses were made of good wood and filled with sophisticated interiors just like this one.


This house served as the official residence of the first family during Marcos administration whenever they are in Ilocos.

And the last stop on our first day, the Paoay sand dunes! This was the most exciting part of our tour! If you are adventurous enough and looking for some thrill I recommend that you try this one.








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