My first Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 experience

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

This was the first ever beauty fair that I’ve ever been to and will not be the last. (Promise!) Why first? I don’t know, maybe I am a late bloomer or something. (Whatever! to your self issues Chia..LOL)

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR(My #ootd with the majorette. haha)

 Moving on, the event was so chic! Different beauty brands were present for us to experience. Namely, Revlon, Yves Rocher, PAC, Glam Glow, Canon, Benefit, L’Oreal Paris, Too Cool For School, Piandre, Eco Tools & Real Techniques, Cover Girl, Heroine Make and Max Factor. And each beauty booths has promos and photo challenges for a chance to win their glam prizes! (So Fab!)

Plus, bellas who were able to pre-register got a chance to attend 2 talks of their choice! (OMG!)

Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 - ChiaChinR

I had a makeover using the Benefit Cosmetics and joined the mirror shot challenge with my sissy on their giant Majorette blush compact. (Glam!) It was a lovely experience. ♥



I felt lucky to attend the quick and easy make-up tutorial by Ms. Miakka Lim of Benefit cosmetics. I learned a lot of how to’s and the correct way of applying cosmetics. Starting from the primer application, to mapping and  drawing the brows, how to do your eye liner, the best way to apply mascara, and proper way of applying blush-on for everyday look. And how to pull off an after work sesh look effortlessly. (So Bella!)

Share: My favorite? According to her to make your eye liner look natural start drawing the line from the middle of your lid in-line with the iris down to the corner end of the eyelid.(I hope you got my point. haha) The Real Push-up Liner is the best!


Then we heard from Ms. Larissa Josson of Women’s Health magazine on how to get rid of the different kinds of blemishes, how to prevent them and the best camouflaging trick for the skin flaws. (Love your skin.)

Share: 1. It is important to consult your dermatologist. 2. To camouflage the red pimpy use a green concealer.


wpid-photogrid_1410951324071.jpgAfter the talk we had a groupie with the lovely host Ms. Karen Bordador of Monster radio RX 93.1. (Smile!)

wpid-photogrid_1411083884118.jpgAnd before leaving the beauty social camp we stopped by the Canon photo booth to have our souvenir photos taken and printed using their Canon camera and Canon Selphy compact photo printer. (I like! So pretty and fast.)

wpid-photogrid_1410951379809.jpgTadaahh! Because I was able to attend the beauty talks I took home a Beauty Social Camp loot bag. (So girly!)

I really enjoyed the Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous and I look forward for the next beauty camp.. (Excited)

♥ Chia ♥

Oh by the way see my sisters outfit that day.

2 thoughts on “My first Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous 2014 experience

  1. Hello! OMG im so excited 🙂 I messaged you before and now i’m messaging you again (haha) because i am really curious about the bdj events:) i just wanna ask how will you know the dates and events of bdj. i’ve seen the date on the planner. pero ung bdj box beauty social sa sept 13 pero san sya gaganapin? hehehe mag eemail po ba sila sayo? sorry po ah kung medyo matanong ako pero gusto ko po kasi tlaga makapunta hehe:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi @Ysabelle, I am happy to hear from you. About your question BDJ will be posting further details (date/time/event) on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. You may want to follow them to keep yourself posted. 🙂



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