Journey to Ilocos

Who is up for fun?

Land travel for about 8 to 10 hours straight could really be exhausting. But if the destination is a real beauty it will be worth the wait.

So, yeah.. This time we head up to Ilocos to relax, and discover something new.

Our first stop, the historical Quirino bridge also known as Banaoang bridge which said to have survived the bombings during World War II.  The bridge was named after the 6th President of the Philippines Pres. Elpidio Quirino, who was born in Vigan Ilocos Sur on 16 November 1890. It spans the Abra river connecting the town of Santa and Bantay Ilocos Sur.

Standing on that bridge above that river, and between two beautiful mountains, was very welcoming. It was a windy morning. I could feel the wind hugging me, trees dancing like it was their way of saying hello, birds chirping as if they were greeting you good morning, in chorus with the river flowing. I was indeed away from the busy City. Crossing the bridge means beautiful memories, and experiences awaits.

The Bridge

(above is a photo of the new bridge) Quirino Bridge Ilocos Sur

(Photo of the old Quirino bridge)

Then we had our breakfast in a place surrounded by greens. You could see trees in each corners, plants, and flowers everywhere. It was beautifully landscaped.  A beautiful hidden garden. I recommend that you drop-by to experience their food and place.


I love that they have accommodating staff. We had a fine breakfast. I tried the Ilocos longganisa as it is known to be one of the must try Ilokano dishes.

Longganisa is commonly served during breakfast partnered with egg and garlic rice. If I am to describe the Ilocos longganisa it is salty, dry, and tasty; very different from the longganisa we have in the Metro that is sweet, and juicy.

After we freshen up we headed to Baluarte. A zoo owned by Mr. Chavit Singson. Baluarte meaning fortress, is a 80 hectare home for a considerable number of domestic animals. The zoo is open to public, and admission is free. Warning! Dinosaurs inside. haha 

When we entered Baluarte a big blue bird welcomed us. She is beautiful. I wondered why she doesn’t fly, her feet were not tied, and not even inside a cage. I didn’t get an answer.

Entering the zoo reminds me of my grade school days; when we often visit a zoo during educational trips. 🙂




After spending time with the animals we drop by to see the Bantay bell tower, and visited the Saint Augustine Church (one of the oldest churches of Ilocos Sur).

It was constructed in year 1590 with the Parish Priest of that time Fr. Montoya Osa. According to facts the Church was damaged during World War II, and was reconstructed year 1950. Another history!



The Saint Augustine Church is beautifully red on its exterior and majestically blue inside. I love visiting churches it keeps me grounded. Do you feel the same?





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