How do you do? Have you gone to the beach? Have you spent time under the sun? Or the excitement is yet to come?

If you are still undecided where to spend your vacation or what to do this summer vacation I will share with you the two days of my summer. Just to give you an idea.

I have been in charge to organize a company outing. And I have booked our stay at the Palm Beach Resort in Batangas Philippines. We rented a Villa that could accommodate 16 persons. They offer buffet meals for about PHP 1,600/pax for the 4 meals – breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. All their food were delicious. From breakfast to dinner, main course to desserts, its all worth the price.

Of course the highlight of every vacation are the activities!“Note that this need not to be a company outing, it could be a family bonding, and/or a barkada get away”.

❤ Team building activity

For this you could use the resort’s materials and facility. You may request them to prepare everything ahead of time, advise them the activities and materials you will need; and schedule when and how long the activity will be.

You could do the following activities if you like:
1. Relay (tire hop, crawling)/ (jump rope, hoola hoop)
2. Sack race
3. Tug-O-War
4. Beach volleyball


❤ Other activities

Aside from using the resort’s team building facility they also offer other outdoor activities that you might want to try for a minimal fee.

Like the wall climbing activity. You could try this for PHP 150 only.

It was my first time to try wall climbing. I was very excited, felt very challenged and eager to reach the top. The first few climbs were easy but when I got to the middle I could feel my weight “gosh I’ am heavy”. Then, when I climbed further reaching almost the top I felt the wind, my hands sweaty and cold, arms tired and shaky, and legs trembling. Suddenly, I realized I feel frightened I wanted to stop the challenge, go down and feel the ground again. But I could hear the playful and brave me shouting, cheering “YOU ARE ALMOST AT THE TOP! FEW MORE CLIMB AND YOU’RE THERE! DON’T GIVE UP! IT’S FULFILLING TO REACH THE TOP!” Listening to the inner me I knew I wanted and I could finish the challenge. So I rested for a few seconds then climbed faster before my strength and courage depletes totally.

Bravo! It was indeed fulfilling!

Rappelling for only PHP 100.

After wall climbing I took another challenge. Before it started I was overweening, saying to my self this is so easy I was able to go up so going down would be effortless. I was wrong, it was not easy. From the top I have to lean back, aware that no hands would support me. It was hard, I have to trust my little arms holding the rope to support my self. I was so scared! The operator even asked me if I still wanted to continue. I looked down to seek some support and heard my boyfriend yelling I could do it followed by other people watching, cheering I could do it. So I did, I touched the ground grinning. 


And Kayaking for PHP 200.“row, row, row your boat”.


Banana boat ride. Have fun with your friends or family by riding a big floater pulled by a jet ski.


❤ The waters!

The resort gives you options on where to splash your self. You could spend time with the little waves and sand at the beach. Or you could relax at the Jacuzzi. Or you’d better go swimming in their infinity pool.



❤ Body Massage

After all recreational activities you did, a body massage to reward yourself for being extremely operative is a good thing!


I hope you enjoyed reading and I wish you to enjoy your vacation too!

Happy Summer!



Thanks Palm Beach Resort for making our stay fun and memorable!

2 thoughts on “Summerly

  1. That is one of the things I really miss about my job in the Philippines. Here in the Middle East, we don’t get to do company outings. There’s not even something that is close to it.

    On a side note, your pictures here are quite crisp. They are so pleasing to my optical organs. Your featured photo is perfect, and Palm Beach Resort for beach hungry travelers like me…like us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • But still, I learned you have holidays that could extend up to a week. 🙂
      Oh thank you, and yes it is a nice place for us travel addicts. 🙂


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