Drive your happiness

Hi there! Have you experienced karting? I did for 15 minutes! I super enjoyed it. Certainly, I would recommend you to add it on your to do list and “be a race driver for a day **“. It’s worth a try.

If you are thinking of a different way to spend time under the sun this summer, kart racing is one cool thing to do!

In the Metro at Pasay City you’ll find this karting place, Kart-Trak Boomland. Very close to Wensha Spa and Star City.


If you are interested, you could hop in from Tuesday – Sunday. There is no entrance fee, professional driver’s license is not required and driving experience is not necessary as long as you know where is your left and right, the brake pedal and the acceleration pedal.

Be sure to bring along playmates with you. I don’t think kart racing will be fun when you go SOLO.


For only PHP 500 you could rent a kart and use it for 15 minutes.


If you want to complete your kart racer peg there are karting suit and shoes also available for rent, but not required.


The officer in charge will request you to complete and sign the waiver before the race. Read it thoroughly before signing. And pay attention to the general rules and guidelines.


Oh! Don’t forget your helmets. 🙂





** Quote adopted from Kart-Trak Boomland signage.

Thank you for reading!



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