Adventure at the cheapest!

These days when all prices are going up most of us feel that travelling, adventure trips, and outdoor fun activities would cost us so much. So we’d rather go to malls, restaurants or just stay home to relax. (Which is kinda boring.)

But hey! Travelling can be very affordable! How? Here are some tips on how to travel for only PHP 1,000 or less! (Purely based on my own experience.)

First, travel in group. Surely, you wouldn’t want to travel alone just because you are on a budget (That is never fun). Most people think that travelling with the whole bunch of friends is very expensive when the truth is travelling in groups would cost you so much less. (Unless you’ll have to pay for everyone in the group then that is indeed expensive for you alone.)

Adventure at the cheapest - ChiaChinR

When travelling in group you get to share with everyone the expenses, such as transportation costs, food, accommodation, and fun activity expenses. Plus the fact that going on a trip with friends will double or triple the fun, excitement and enjoyment.

Secondly, plan it! For sure there is someone in the group who is an effective planner (or the point person), or maybe everyone is so much willing to help during the planning stage. Note that everyone’s piece of advice is important but not everything is relevant, because it might just boost up your tight budget. I suggest, be smart frugal.

Here are some points that you need to discuss:

  • Where to go
  • When to go
  • What to do
  • How much is the budget for (transportation, food, place). You can chip in for the expenses or you can assign on who will shoulder what.
Adventure at the cheapest - ChiaChinR
Some of our photos enjoying dinner while planning our adventure.

Third, when everything is set – GO GET YOURSELF READY! Pack all the things you need to bring (but remember to bring only what is needed). Trust me, you will not enjoy bringing a bulky big bag for a two-day or 3 day trip. (So please don’t bring your room). Make a check-list if necessary.


Lastly, do travel during off-peak season! It is cheaper.

Nuff said, lets apply my “Adventure at the Cheapest Theories”.

Step 1 and 2: Travel in group and plan.

My dear friend Elainey invited us over a dinner so we can talk about our next travel.

Where we went: Punto Miguel Resort, Laiya San Juan Batangas

Our friend Marc offered a night stay at their rest house in Batangas so we don’t have to pay for a hotel. (Free accommodation) And that he will bring a van and will shoulder the transportation cost. (Free Transportation)

Note: When you are not on your own house or place it is a must to show respect and courtesy to the locals and bring good manners with you.

rest house

At Punto Miguel Resort, we rented a villa that cost the group PHP 2,500 (approx. PHP 300 each person). For entrance fee we didn’t have to pay. (Our friend is connected with the resort owner so the privilege was extended to us.) 

What we did: (Not bad for a budget tight adventure)

At the rest house – There are so many fun activities that you can do when you are with a bunch of good and crazy people. Play card games, share stories and sing while having a nice drink.

At the resort – The beach resort offers different fun activities:

  • Banana boat ride – PHP 1,500/15 mins. good for 6 persons only
  • Island hopping  – PHP 2,000 for 2 hours and you can feed the fishes(Just bring bread for the fish)
  • Rent a snorkeling goggles – PHP 100 only

Other activities offered at the resort that we didn’t avail:

  • Jetski rental – PHP 4,500/hour
  • Beach volleyball – PHP 50/hour
  • Videoke rental – PHP 2,000/ 8 hour use
  • Spa massage – PHP 300/hour


For the food, we had assignments. Others were in charge for the breakfast, drinks and snacks while I was assigned to prepare for our lunch.


Particulars  PHP
Food budget (Tilapia)  300.00
Rent of Villa  300.00
Boat for island hopping  300.00
Snorkelling goggles  100.00
My total adventure expense:  1,000.00

With just a little bit of planning and creativity you can have a great weekend! It’s all about having fun. It doesn’t matter if you travel on a budget as long as everyone is happy. It is brilliant!


XOXO, Chia!

(Credits: Some photos were taken by my friends)

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    • Haha. Why not? Kung mag kakaron kakaroon kayo ng company outing diyan sa Middle East. Sabi mo nga wala kayo nun diba? hehehe
      Nagkataon lang pare-parehas kaming lakwetsero at lakwatsera.


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